Love your Denim the right way and they will love you back for years to come!

BidiBoon is made from 100% cotton Vintage Denim that if looked after properly, will only get better with age. Below are some tips for looking after your BidiBoon.

Over washing is damaging for your jeans and the environment. That said, we all know that a mucky kid is a happy kid!


WASH INSIDE OUT... The bonus of using Vintage Denim is that the fabric is pre-shrunk and the colour is much less likely bleed. Turning your jeans inside out will give a more even fade and keep your denim looking its best for longer.

WASH ON A COOL 30 DEGREE WASH... This will help prevent any shrinkage, and is better for the environment too - Win Win! If there are heavy stains, we suggest giving them a gentle hand wash first.

WASH WITH SIMILAR COLOURS... To be on the safe side, always wash your denim with similar colours to avoid any colour transfer.

 AIR DRY YOUR BIDIBOON...  Flatten whilst damp, and ideally lay flat or on the line to dry. The heat from a dryer can cause shrinkage and over time breakages may appear as this causes the fibres to become dry and corse.