SMALL Denim, BIG Story


Our story started in 2016 when my daughter Dusty was born. 

When my daughter was born, I struggled to find jeans that had these same vintage qualities for her, so decided to cut into some of my archive and make her the jeans I couldn’t find.

With bags of character, they stood the test of time and I really enjoyed making them. When my son Rocco came along, naturally he inherited her outgrown jeans, which he’s still wearing today!

So.... A global pandemic, and being on a lengthy furlough meant I had some very unusual free time to think and reflect. It felt like the perfect time to do something different and try to make my dream a reality. So here goes!




My names Seren (and my little people Dusty and Rocco are my inspiration). I have worked as a Menswear Designer for over 12 years, working for brands such as Aquascutum, Burberry and most recently Tom Ford.

I had an incredible journey, and the experience has taught me a huge amount about design, quality, and manufacturing at a luxury level, but the relentless pace and strain that the industry demands, often at the expense of the environment, is something that had become increasingly uncomfortable. It's not sustainable.

I have always had a huge passion for vintage workwear and denim, I could (and have) ‘geeked-out’ over a pair of old Levi’s for hours!... Seriously!

I have always worn vintage denim myself – the weight, the soft hand and the unique story told through each pair’s individual wear pattern is unbeatable. Something you rarely find in ‘off the shelf’ new copies.

During the 10 years I worked at Tom Ford, I was Senior Men’s Denim Designer for 5 of them and spend A LOT of time researching and developing some pretty amazing Denim, but through this research I realised just how much Vintage or what is termed as ‘Scrap Denim’ exists and is ultimately destined for landfill. I knew I wanted to find a way to use it, in a luxury, modern way, no up-cycled, homespun cliches’. So here we are, we are B i d i B o o n !


SMALL Jeans, BIG Story -

BidiBoon is made from repurposed unloved Denim, no water, no chemicals, no waste - Just the natural wear stories made organically in a previous life...

Each BidiBoon garment is carefully deconstructed by hand, cut and reworked by eye, with every pair of vintage jeans handpick for their individual and original wear story. We carefully map out each garment, piece by piece, maximising character while minimising any excess waste.


Keep Telling The Story

We are more than just a Children’s Denim company, BidiBoon is a brand on a mission….

Working with 100% recycled Denim, we celebrate the beauty of imperfection, and love the story that is told in a vintage pair of jeans – a history of a past life recorded in every wash, every whisker, and every fade. No two are the same.

We thoughtfully select each vintage jean for its unique wear story, then carefully map out each BidiBoon garment, pattern piece by pattern piece, maximising character and minimising waste. It’s a jigsaw but it’s the best part of the process.

Every BidiBoon is completely unique and 1 of 1. We strongly encourage our little customer love and enjoy their BidiBoon for as long as possible, then hand them down to siblings and friends when they get too small. ‘Keep Telling the Story’ of your Denim.