We are more than a children’s denim company, BidiBoon is a brand on a mission…. To divert Vintage Denim destined for landfill and create unique, one-of-a-kind, limited edition staples with bags of character.

BidiBoon is made from 100% rescued and repurposed soft vintage denim. We celebrate the beauty of imperfection, and love the story that is told in a well-loved pair of jeans – a history of a past life recorded in every wash, every whisker, and every fade. No two are the same.

Our design mission is to create modern, unique and timeless children’s classics for everyday wear that are built to last. We believe that a piece of clothing should serve your child all year round and for more than one year of growth. Roll them up or roll them down, oversized for the WIN! Our sizing is generous, and designed to grow with your little person, then be passed down through siblings to friends. 

Sustainability and a love of vintage Denim is at the heart of everything that we do, we want to make a difference to the world our little people will inherit. Denim, quite simply, just gets better with age! Every vintage pair has its own unique story to tell, the individual character and fade has been made naturally in a previous life. No harsh chemicals needed.

We don’t follow traditional fashion cycles or trends; kids don’t need them. They need clothes that are kind to their future, kind to their skin and build to last, with as much personality as them.

We care about the past, present and future of the clothes we make and their impact on the world. Our mission  is to use extend the life of Denim and create fun, comfy, everyday classics with a positive environmental and social impact.



 Take the old and make it new again…. We pride ourselves on keeping things simple, over complicated, over designed childrenswear never stand the test of time. BidiBoon aims to make staple seasonless classics, that let the Denim do the talking.

Every BidiBoon garment is created individually, deconstructed by hand, cut and re-worked by eye.

We thoughtfully select each vintage jean for its unique wash and wear pattern, then the fun begins…. We (well, Seren) carefully map’s out each garment, pattern piece by pattern piece, maximising character and minimising waste. It’s a jigsaw but it’s the best part of the process!
The result of this process is every BidiBoon is completely unique and  1 of 1. All images on our website are to be seen as a guide, and not a complete representation of what you will receive. We work to rules of shade layout, and it goes without saying that every garment made is thoroughly thought through and considered.


We work closely with trusted UK recycling plants and vintage warehouses to help divert what is termed “Scrap Denim” away from landfill. Denim as a fabric is simple, its versatility and durability has made it a staple across the world for decades, it stands the test of time and is a fabric that just get richer and softer with time.

Our suppliers work to our stringent check list for composition, quality, shade and weight - rips and holes don’t bother us, we can cut around them. I have always LOVED a rummage, so I visit our suppliers regularly to hand sort their selections. There are so many gems to be found!...